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What to plant during the month of April

During the Easter long weekend, you may want to go out of town or spend time with your family. However, winter is coming and before the easter celebrations begin, you may want to plant your new vegetables so they are ready for the coming months.

 What vegetables do I grow in April?

Beans, peas, coriander, spinach, carrots, silver beet, beetroot, celery, spring onion, coriander, oregano, rosemary and thyme, lettuce, cabbage, cauliflowers, kale and broccoli.  

Plant new ones every three to four weeks for a continuous supply.

How to extend the life of out of season vegetables

To expend the life of out of season veggies you can either cover your plants with a frost cloth or place your plants in a green house.

A frost cloth is placed over your plants and will keep you plants warm by trapping in the warm air that rises from the soil. Frost clothes are designed specially to keep in the warmth and let the sunlight come in as well. Many people remove the cover during the day for the plants to get fresh air and full sunlight, however this is not needed if the day isn’t hot. Frost clothes enhance plant growth and help the plant survive the cold.

A green house is a little more on the expensive side but comes in a range of sizes for different gardens.

There are two different types of greenhouses you can get- one made of glass and the other made from polyethylene.

The glass house will last longer but the polyethylene is a cheaper option but only last up to five years.

Glasshouses protect your plants from harsh weather conditions and pests, ensuring the plants will thrive throughout the year. Glass houses are also great because you have control of the green house temperature meaning the plants will not die from the cold.

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