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Stump Removal and stumps growing back

If you have cut down a tree and there is nothing left but the stump, you probably think that the job is completed and the tree won’t grow back. However, in some cases, the tree can grow back.

How does a tree grow back from only a stump?

If the stump has enough nutrients left in the roots, the stump can produce little sprouts. These little sprouts feed the roots, which in turn, continues the growth of the sprouts and tree in general.

How do I know if my tree will grow back?

There is no set answer for this, but as a general guide, fast-growing trees normally grow back while slow growing trees do not.

What is an example of a tree that grew back?

Feijoa trees can be cut right down to the stump and are known to grow back in the right conditions.

Why you should remove your tree stumps

Stumps that are left in the ground can grow back when not wanted but can also become a safety hazard.

When left in the ground, people can trip over them as they are easily not seen.

Likewise, mowing the lawn can become increasingly difficult as you have to remember where the stumps are and mow around them so you don’t break your lawn mower.

How to remove your tree stump

The easiest way to remove your stump is to grind the stump away. This means that the stump will not grow back and the stump is no longer protruding out the ground.

Our team can stump grind all your stumps away quickly and easily. This leaves the ground even and means you can even plant new plants in the spot where the tree was.

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