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How mould affects your health and how to handle outside mould.

How Mould affects your health

Keeping your family happy and healthy is everyone’s first priory, however, having mould present inside and outside of your home can have harmful effects on your family’s well being.

New Zealand weather is known for its constant rainfall; therefore, mould grows easily in and outside houses. As the moisture builds up, mould spores grow in the wet, damp areas of your home and in the environment.

Mould can grow on almost anything, thus, if you start to see patches of black, brown or tainted colours on walls, doors, clothes, shoes, plants or other objects that means mould is present and needs to be fixed imminently. 

The negative effects of leaving mould in and on your house

Mould spreads if left untreated and can expose your family to unwanted sickness. For instance, mould has been known to cause respiratory symptoms in people that otherwise did not have them before. These reactions include coughing, swollen eyes, skin and throat irritation, blocked nose, wheezing, chest tightness and shortness of breath. Likewise, people have been known to develop asthma symptoms when living near mould and people that already have allergies and immune deficiencies that are exposed to mould constantly can easily get serious infections and can have more severe reactions.    

How to handle the mould problem

Mould is difficult and time consuming to fix, but the first step you need to take is removing moss build up and thick bushes that sit on the walls of your house, fences or deck. Removing or trimming these bushes away will let air flow and sunlight hit the wall which will prevent the mould coming back as quickly. That’s where we can help you out. Using our professional equipment, our experts can remove, trim and prune the bushes and trees away from walls, fences and decks. Get in touch with us on 0800 514 514 or email us at info@williamspropertyservices.co.nz

After Williams Property Services has serviced your garden, there are a few steps you need to take to remove and then preserve your mould free house.

  • Remove the mould with environmentally friendly chemical, we suggest Bio-Shield Concentrate. This should kill the mould with one application.
  • Repaint stained areas with mould-resistant paint.
  • Wash the problem areas frequently.
  • Repair gutters and pipes so that water does not flow down the walls and create a continuous damp surface.
  • If you are renovating your home use mould-resistant drywall, sheetrock and paint.
  • Direct water away from your house. If your home isn’t on a hill or have a foundation that guides water away from your home, you may want to look into drains and gutters that guide the water way from your home.

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