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Natural, environmentally friendly ways to kill weeds

Weeds can take a long time to remove and can take over your garden quickly if not dealt too. However, using strong chemicals to kill weeds can be bad for the soil, environment and even make your pets sick. That why we have come up with the top 4 environmentally safe ways to kill your weeds for good.

Vinegar Mix

This mix is great for weeds of various sizes. Many people use this spray on weeds in-between concrete or in odd spots.

Mix together 3 litres white vinegar, 2 cups salt and ¼ cup dish washing liquid and place in a spray bottle. Spray any weeds with the mixture and the weeds should die. Come back the next day to see results.

Tip: If you are planning on planting new flowers or other plants where the weeds grew, you should not use too much salt in that area, as it will sit in the soil and will kill your new plants.

Boiling water

Pour boiling water straight from the kettle onto baby weeds. This will kill the weeds as it destroys the plants root tissues and also kills any seeds laying in the soil. (This method may not work on vine weeds)


You can use newspaper or cardboard as an enviro-friendly weed mat. Cover the weeds with a thick layer of cardboard or newspaper to stop the weeds from growing.


Spread mulch over the weeds to prevent the weeds getting any sunlight. In turn, this will kill the weeds while leaving the soil nice for future planting. Mulch is also a great option to get the garden bed looking nice again, capturing moisture for plants and laying around trees and plants to prevent weeds popping up around your nice plants.

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