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Top 5 Tips To Keeping Your Garden Healthy

Remove Dead Plants

To keep your garden looking beautiful and disease free, removing dead plants is the first step to a clean healthy garden. Removing these will help preserve your garden by preventing the spread of disease from the dead plant to your other healthy plants. On top of removing the dead plants, you will also want to cut the dead leaves and flowers off of healthy plants. This will help your healthy plants remain healthy and look great!

Prune At The Right Time

When caring for your trees and shrubs, you will need to prune them to keep them fresh and to increase growth. Not many people know that the best time to prune your spring trees and shrubs is right after they bloom. The trees and shrubs that flower later should be pruned in the early spring. If you happen to prune at the wrong time, don’t worry, it won’t kill your plant, it just might produce less flowers and fruit. To read more about pruning thespruce.com has a good guide.

Fertilize Your Plants

Laying down fertilizer for your plants helps them gain nutrients that they can’t obtain themselves, which in turn helps your plants grow bigger and healthier. When your plants start to grow and sprout, this is the best time to fertilize them. On the other hand, don’t fertilize plants at the end of their growing season, this doesn’t help them and never over fertilize your plants, as it can potentially kill them.

Remove Weeds

Weeds take over gardens, look messy and can kill your plants as they suck all the nutrients out of the soil, leaving your beautiful plants starving and weak. This is why you should pull out any weeds that start to grow in your garden. Removing these will save your other plants and leave your garden looking tidy.

Water Your Plants

One of the most common things that kills plants is the simple fact that people forget to water them. When the weather gets dry and hot, this is the most important time to water the plants, as they may dry up and die. To prevent this, make sure the soil around your plants are moist and water your plants when needed.

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