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Top 4 things around the house that will help your plants grow

If you have indoor plants, you will know sometimes they can thrive and other times they need an extra boost. Providing the right amount of water and sun is important for a plant, although sometimes providing your plant extra nutrients can help strengthen your plant even more.

Here are our top four items around the house that can help your plant flourish.

Egg shells

Egg shells are filled with calcium and selenium which increases the strength of your plant.

Next time you use an egg, break the egg shell up and place the pieces on top of the soil of your indoor plant or bury them in the soil.

Banana Skins

If you think your plant needs a little help, placing a banana peel on top of the soil can give your plant the nutrients it is lacking.

However, if you do not want bugs flying around your plants due to the banana peel on the soil, there is another way of adding the nutrients from the banana skins to your plant.

Soak the banana peels for a week in a jar of water, then pour the water on the plants, so that the potassium and phosphorus soak into the soil, giving your plant that extra boast it needs.

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Whether you have tea bags or loose tea leaves, both can be used in the soil of your indoor plant or in the garden.

Tea is a natural fertilizer for your plants. Placing tea bags in the soil of your plants help your plants retain water and the tea bag also lowly releases nutrients into the soil.

If can also pour weak cold tea on the plants instead of placing the whole tea bag into the soil.

Coffee grounds

Coffee grounds provide nutrients for your plant while also helping to prevent pests from eating your plants.

Sprinkling dry coffee grounds around your plant will provide antioxidants, magnesium, copper potassium, phosphorous and nitrogen for your plant to make it healthy and strong. Ensuring the grounds are dry will stop fungus from growing around your plant.

If you don’t drink coffee, we suggest going to your local coffee shop and asking for their used coffee grounds. In most cases they will give you a little bag to take home with you.

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