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Lawn Slasher Machine – Section Clearing

Large shrubs and long grass can take a long time to cut down and remove without the right tool.

No need to worry, our professional lawn slasher machine, helps us cut down your overgrown garden quickly and easily.

Clearing a large overgrown garden can take up to 4-5 hours, however, we cut that time in half by using our custom designed lawn slasher machine to cut and clear everything. This results in you saving time and money and getting that space back.

Our lawn slasher machine cuts down soft large shrubby and extremely long grass and shreds it, leaving no waste for you to remove.

Our friendly team can clear any commercial or residential property.

To get an estimate quote, send through a photo of your overgrown garden to info@williamspropertyservices.co.nz , its as easy as that!

We service the Auckland region and do all the work for you, so book in a lawn section clearing today and sit back and relax.

Check out our lawn slasher machine in action with our video below!

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