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Shrub Removal

What is a shrub?

Shrubs are small to medium size bush-like plants.

Shrubs are different from trees as they normally stand at around 2 meters to 6 meters high and have multiple stems.

Shrubs come in all different shapes and sizes.

They are normally perennial plants.

Can you remove it?

Yes, we can remove shrubs from your garden whether they are long hedges or a smaller size bush.  

When can you remove it?

We book you in as soon as possible. We operate Monday to Friday in the Auckland Region.

Residential or commercial?

We do both residential and commercial gardening.

Why would I need to remove my shrub?

  1. Shrubs can become overgrown and can be a hassle to maintain.
  2. You may need the slot where the shrub is for other plants.

How much does it cost to remove my shrub? For a free estimate quote, email us a picture of your shrub to info@williamspropertyservices.co.nz or call us today on 0800 514 514.

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