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Laying Top Soil – Garden Services

If you have removed plants or weeds from your garden recently and want the soil to stay fresh, ready for your next plants to grow there, you will want to have top soil laid.

However, sometimes we don’t have time to go and buy the top soil and lay it.

That’s where we can help!

We buy the top soil and then spread it around your garden, saving you time and money!

Our experienced gardeners can come in and complete both jobs for you, leaving your garden tidy and refreshed.

Why add top soil?

If you leave soil open and bare in the garden with no plants on it, weeds start to take over. On top of this, the soil can dry up and die which means, the next plant that is placed in the dead soil will not have enough soil nutrients to grow and survive, and the plant will die.

To prevent the weeds, you can spray the weeds when they sprout then pull the weeds out of the ground, then call us to lay top soil and fertilizer over it, so the soil doesn’t die.

Our gardening team has laid top soil for homes, rental properties and commercial stores all around Auckland.

Top Soil isn’t fertilizer

Many people believe that adding top soil has the same nutrients value as adding fertilizer. Top soil has some nutrients but doesn’t have the same amount.

We can add fertilizer and top soil to your garden, give us a call to arrange our services today.

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