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Everything you need to know before getting a gardener in

If you have just brought a new property and are looking for a gardener or are setting up a new garden company, then you may have a few questions like how often do the gardeners come? and what services are normally available?

Here are the answers to the top four questions you need to know before you get a new gardener in.

  • How often should you get a gardener in?

Most people get their gardener in two or three times a year, whether its for a general tidy up, hedge trimming, pruning, weed control or chipping garden waste. However, there isn’t really a set rule to when your gardener should come in. Every garden has different needs.

Depending on the services you need and how often the job needs to be completed, determines how often you need them to come in and work on your garden.  

General gardening services like weeding, pruning, lawn mowing and general small gardening tasks normally require a gardener to come in at least once every two weeks. Depending on how fast the weeds grow back and how tidy you want your garden.

Other tasks such as landscaping, material laying, tree removal which are bigger projects only need a gardener once or twice a year.

  • Do you pay per job or per hour?

This really depends on which gardening company you choose.

Some companies have pay per hour no matter what the job is, where others base the price on the job itself.

If your job is simple and won’t take too long, you may just want to go with pay per job as it may end up cheaper.

  • What services can you book?

Most gardening companies offer similar general services such as mowing, tree trimming, weed eating, laying down grass seed, re-edging garden bed and just a general tidy up.  

However, there are many garden companies that also specialize in more unique services such as stump grinding, mulching, garden slashing, removing garden waste, planting flowers, watering your plants when you are away and much more.

If you need a special garden service, don’t hesitate to go to our services page or call us to discuss what you need done in your garden today!

  • What should you inform the gardener when you are making inquiries?

The best way to let your future gardener know what your garden needs is to take picture and send it through to their email address, as well as the list of services you were looking at receiving. If you know how big your garden is, they would need the information too.

Let them now any other information that is unique to your garden, like special plants that need extra care or what areas to avoid.

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