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Top 6 ways to transform your garden

There are many ways to decorate your garden to add a little colour and spice. We have put together our top 6 picks on how to decorate your garden quickly and affordably.

Fairy or bulb string lights

Whether your garden is small or big, our number one recommendation is hanging fairy lights to your garden, either you style them on your fence or hang them over the garden. Fairy lights bring colour and light to your yard and make the garden feel calm and relaxing. You can find some really affordable lights at Kmart.


Stones add a vibrant and clean look to your garden. Stones draw your eyes to a specific area of the garden and can create shapes and paths.

There are many ways to use stones in your garden. Get a bag of pebbles and spread them in your flower bed to make the flower bed look fresh or order a few bags of larger pebbles and dig out a small path to place the stones on. If you want a quicker option, buy six to eight large stone pavers and place them in a line from your door to a feature item in the yard. This is a simple and quick way to add a cute, clean look to your garden. When I was adding stones to my garden, I brought my stones from Auckland Landscape supplies.

Garden Arch

Garden arches are the quickest way to make a space cute and bring a classic look into your yard. You can place it over a small gate or place it in a spot of the yard that leads to a corner or different space in the yard. To add to the look, place artificial ivy or real ivy around and over the arch. Find a great $25 arch at the warehouse.


Hammocks are a cute and functional option for gardener’s who love to sit outside and read a book in their yard. Hanging a stylish hammock can bring a unique look to your garden and give you a quiet place to relax. When looking around for hammocks, I found a great hammock for $25 at Mitre 10 and another affordable one at the warehouse.

Hanging plants

Hanging some of these plants from trees or your deck covering can create a magical look to your garden. The plants normally come separate from the pots so you can choose what type of plants you want to place in each pot. Kmart has some cute hanging pots starting from $6.

Furniture and features

Placing a small table, some chairs or an outdoor lounge sofa in your garden can transform your garden into a great space for hosting guests and family members. While bird houses, bird baths and small water fountains are nice added features. A great place you can find outdoor furniture is Big Save Furniture.

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