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Reasons to remove or prune trees overhanging your home

If you have started to see mould on the side of your house or have started to experience dampness inside your home, it may be due to hanging trees over your house.

If you have trees touching your house or growing over your house, you will need to get them pruned or removed, as leaving them can cause damage to your house and your health.

Here are the top reasons to get those trees trimmed today!

  1. Hanging trees creates Mould

Mould forms and spreads in wet environments that doesn’t get exposure to sun, wind or heat. Therefore, if your trees touch or hang over your house, the walls are covered which creates the perfect atmosphere for mould to form. If you remove the trees or trim them down, the walls are exposed to more heat and air flow, which results in a drier area on and around the walls, preventing mould to form.

  • Cold and Damp rooms

Large trees close to the home can create cold and damp rooms in your home, as no sunlight is able to shine into your home as the trees are blocking it. If you remove the close trees, your home will be warmer as the sun can shine in on your home, creating warmth and vibrance to the home.

  • Insects and animals on your roof

Insects and animals live in and climb trees consistently. If large trees hang over or touch your home it means that insects and animals use the trees to climb up onto your roof. Which can result in animals living on your roof or insects finding their way into your home. To prevent this, pruning or removing the trees is best.

  • Health problems

Mould in and around your home created by the close trees can cause respiratory problems for you and your family members. Mould can also increase asthma attacks. Removing the trees that overhang or touch your home is extremely important, as it will prevent mould from growing at an alarming rate.

  • Trimming trees opens up space

With large over hanging trees trimmed or removed, your property will feel spacious again as trimming the trees opens up the space and makes it feel larger.

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