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Line Trimming Services

To achieve a neat tidy lawn, a good lawn mow is the first step. However, a lawn can still look messy if there is long grass and weeds around the boundary line of the property.

In this case, a lawn mower is too big to remove the long grass and weeds lining your property but a weed eater will easily remove it.

However, if you do not have a weed eater, hiring one can be expensive.

If you are thinking of buying one instead, ask yourself two questions,

“Will I use it enough to get my money worth from it?”

“Looking at my schedule now, do I have spare time to use the weed eater?”

If you answered no to both questions, then booking on of our line trimming services will be the best solution for you.

Our line trimming service will remove all the nasty weeds and long grass that make your yard look messy.

Our gardeners have over 15 years of experience and can weed eat your lawn, saving you time, money and the stress. Even getting those hard-to-reach corners!

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