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How to propagate succulents

Succulents are the perfect plant for any house, office or shop that wants to add a pop of colour inside or out. They are known to look great in small gardens and are used in Auckland homes for décor pieces because of their classic look and different sizes and colours.

Succulents are known to be one of the easiest plants to propagate and if you plant them in your garden, they are known to spread and duplicate quickly by themselves.

If you are just beginning to get into the skill of plant propagation, succulents are a great plant to start with.

Most succulents will propagate quite easily in a range of conditions.

How do you propagate a succulent?

Firstly, you will take a healthy leaf from your chosen succulent.

To do this gently place your two fingers around the leaf, close to the stem and twist. The leaf should twist off easily and have no rips at the end tip.

Then, once you have taken a few leaves off the plant, place the leaves on a paper towel away from direct sunlight and with no water or soil.

This is the drying out process. Leave your leaves to dry out on the paper towel for two to three days. This should be enough time for the leaf tip to form a scab over it.

A succulent leaf that has formed a scab at the tip

Once the scab appears, get a small tray and fill it with potting soil and a little bit of sand.

Place all the leaves on top of the soil and spray some water on them. This will help them to grow longer roots.

The succulent leaves will need to be watered with a spray bottle almost every day. To check if your leaves need water, feel the soil to see if its dry or dump. If the soil is dry, its time to water your succulent leaves.

After a week or two, your succulent should have many thin roots growing from the leaf tip.

If your tray is shallow, this is the perfect time to move the succulents to a small pot. This time carefully inserting the small leaf roots into the soil.

Continue to water and after a month, you should see tiny succulents start to appear.

A succulent leaf that has started to propagate

Let us know if you have tried this method at home! Comment below and tell us about your experience propagating succulents.

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