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How to improve your soil for next summers crop (lupins)

Quite often we get asked how to revive an area of soil that has been used previously for a crop. Our best advise is to start off by planting Lupins seeds.

What are lupins?

Lupins are part of the legume family and are plants that grow flowers.

How do lupins help revive my soil?

While Lupins grow, they take in nitrogen from the atmosphere and store it in their rhizomes. Once cut down to soil level, the rhizomes release the nitrogen into your soil and as a result revives your soil.

They also help decrease weeds growing in your soil.

When do I plant them?

Plant lupins a month or two before planting your new crop.

When do I cut them?

Cut your lupins in half when they are around 400 mm tall. Leave the clippings on top of your soil. Then when they grow back again cut down to soil level and place compost over them. Do not let them grow taller than 400mm as they become hard to decompose once too tall.

This process is known as green cropping.

Where can I get lupins seeds from?

You can pick up a 1kg bag from plant barn for $9

Another way to revive soil is to lay mulch on top of the soil. This helps your soil rejuvenate and insulates roots from cold weather. Before you lay any mulch, remove weeds and water area. You can also place fertilizer down too before you place the mulch.

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