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Christmas stocking gifts for Gardeners

Every year we try to help you find the perfect gift for your gardening friends. This year we have put together a list of the top 5 stocking gifts for gardeners.

A pack of seeds
Find out their favourite fruit or veggie to buy them the perfect seed pack.

You can get a pack of seeds from Mitre10 for only $3.18. The size of the seed packages makes it perfect for a garden lovers stocking.

A Mini Pot

For all their tiny plants, get them a mini pot. This gift is super cute and there is a range of colours to pick from. Starting at just $3 at the warehouse. You can even spice up this gift by adding some soil and a small succulent plant inside.

A honey face mask

Every gardener loves nature, and what better way to support your naturalist friend by buying them a natural honey face mask. The perfect gift for them to use after a hard day out in the garden. Check out this one.

Every gardener loves to show their dedication to their garden in some way. That’s why your friend will love these gardening stickers. These stickers can be put on their water bottle or car to show everyone just how much gardening means to them. Redbubble has a cute sticker pack range.

An outdoor candle set

This candle set is perfect for any gardener that loves to host guests in their lovely garden. These candles smell great while also keeping the bugs away.  Small enough to fit into a stocking and look great in any outdoor setting.

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