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Vine (climbers) Removal

When a vine grows in an area that it isn’t meant too, your garden can start looking overgrown and messy. If this is the case in your garden and you want the vine removed, our team is the one to call!

We can remove vines that grow on most surfaces including buildings, fences and sometimes even other plants.

Our team will work out what type of vine it is and remove it for you in the most effective way, as different types of vines climb upward in different ways. Some through thorns or their strong stem roots attaching to the object, other vines just twist around an object to take hold or grow little coils and climb up the object slowly.

Since vines are able to grow quickly in shade and sun, removing the vine as soon as possible is critical.

 Our team has over 10 years’ experience removing invasive vines and can remove yours today!

Recently we remove a long vine on a stairway rail that was making the property look untidy. Our team removed the vine in one day leaving the stairway rail looking clean and like new again.

Email us a photo of your vine to info@williamspropertyservices.co.nz and we will get back to you with a free estimate quote.

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