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Apartment Gardening

Gardening in apartments

Apartment living is increasing as more apartments are being built in New Zealand, which means more people around Auckland are living in apartments without a garden. However, this doesn’t mean apartment dwellers can’t love plants and start a little apartment garden.  In fact, this is the perfect way for beginner gardeners to get their foot in the gardening world.

How to start

Before you buy seeds or pot plants, take a note of your schedule and habits. This will determine what type of plants you should place and grow in your apartment. If your schedule is full and you know you don’t have time to look after complicated plants, you may want to get plants that don’t require a lot of watering and effort. These include plants like succulents, ZZ plants and coffee plant.

Before you buy the plants, researching what type of environment different plants need is crucial. This prevents you from buying a plant that will not survive in your apartment. If your schedule is more open finding a range of different plants for your apartment shouldn’t be difficult.

Another way to keep plants in your apartments and save space is hanging pot plants. These plants hang from the ceiling and some of them grow over the pot and down towards the ground creating a nice nature look in your apartment. An example of these plants is the string of pearls plant.  

Likewise, when choosing the plants to grow in your apartment, make sure you choose plants that grow up not out as this is more space efficient. These include plants like rubber plants, fiddle leaf figs and bird of paradise.

Where to put your plants

After you have picked out your plants, choosing where to put them in your apartment is determined on how much space you have and how much sun the plants need. Apartment balconies and patios are one of the best places to put your plants as the sunlight will hit your plants and there is enough space to keep bigger pot plants.

Another good place to start a little garden is on a shelf near a window or windowsill. This is an ideal place to put multiple smaller pot plants as they will receive the sun they need, as well as look pretty and be sitting in a safe place.

Building a small wooden box garden and putting it in the corner of the room or on the balcony is the perfect way to start a little apartment garden. Or hanging a basket garden on the door are two other ways of keeping the plants together and maintaining a small garden in a small space. Placing the plants in a wooden garden box will mean you can move the location of the plants easily and water all the plants in one go. However, make sure the plants are in an area that they can receive at least four to eight hour of sunlight a day.

If you are a beginner gardener, you will want to read our Gardening 101 blog to see how to grow your own plants and what types of plants you should plant.

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