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Agapanthus Removal

Originating from Southern Africa, Agapanthus can grow 45cm to 120 cm tall making them great property bush lining in place of installing a fence. They grow extremely well in the New Zealand climate, are tough flowers that need little caring for and are very hard to kill as they grow back if not removed correctly. However, Agapanthus are known as weeds as they grow at a fast rate, can end up taking over a garden and have been known to kill New Zealand’s native plants.

New Zealanders use Agapanthus to prevent landslides on their property and are used as filler plants. Although, in 2006 the Auckland Council was looking into banning the plant as it is seen as harmful to native plants, although, nothing came of it.

Many New Zealand’s have Agapanthus’ in their gardens and don’t realize how hard they are to get rid of, especially the big ones. Removing an Agapanthus takes a lot of time and hard work because the only way to remove them is to dig them out completely or to use chemicals, which are harmful to your other plants. Many Agapanthus takes two to three applications of chemicals to completely kill the plant.

If you have Agapanthus that are taking over your garden and you want them removed, our garden team can remove them for you fast and efficiently. Sit back and relax as our experts remove your Agapanthus weeds fully. If you would like to book Agapanthus plant removal service or another gardening service email us here.

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