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5 beneficial animals and insects that you want in your garden

There are a range of insects and animals that help your garden out by eating unwanted insects and pollinating plants and flowers in your garden. These include hedgehogs, spiders, ants and dragonflies.  


Hedgehogs are one of those little animals that are so cute but are barely seen, as they are nocturnal. Occasionally, you may see the odd hedgehog in your garden but its very rare, even though over 10 different hedgehogs may have walked through your garden over a period of a few different nights. Hedgehogs are very good for your garden as they protect your plants from unwanted pests such as snails, mice and frogs. While also searching and eating insects, centipedes and worms.


Ants can be very beneficial for your garden by making small tunnels in the soil which helps the water flow and spread throughout your garden better, dispersing the seeds of plants and giving them a safe, nutrient-rich place to sprout, turning the soil and making the nutrients pop up closer to the surface help feed your plants. They also balance the ecosystem in your yard by eating eggs and larvae of flies, fleas, bed bugs and cockroaches and killing pests in the garden.


New Zealand has eight species of dragonflies and has a giant bush dragonfly species called Kapokapowai. These creatures swoop down and eat moths, butterflies and pests like mosquitoes, midges and gnats from your garden. They also take caterpillars away from gardens which can help protect your crops from being eaten by them.


Ladybugs are one of the most well-known and loved insects in the world as they are beautiful and small. This little insects help your garden by eating aphids, leafhoppers, mites and other pests that eat your crops. Some ladybugs also eat pollen which can help fertilize plants by spreading the pollen on different plants.


You may hate them but spiders living in your garden is a good thing. They eat pests like flies, mosquitoes, fleas and roaches which in turn protects you from being bitten by all these nasty pests while you are working in your garden. Likewise, spiders protect your plants from being eaten by a wide range of insects.

These aren’t all of the insects and animals that help out your garden; bees, lizards, frogs and birds also play a role in protecting your garden.

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