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Should I buy a lawn mower or get a lawn mower service in?

If you have ever wondered if you should buy your own lawn mower or get a lawn mower service to mow your lawn, you have come to the right place to make your decision. It is hard to know how much a lawn mower costs, when you should buy one or if you should buy a lawn mower at all. Here is a list of all the things you need to consider before buying a lawn mower or choosing whether a service is more ideal for your situation.

There are a lot of factors that go into mowing a lawn that many people don’t think about. These include the cost of buying a lawn mower, the physical work that comes along with it, the time it takes to mow the lawn, and the cost to fix when it breaks.

Cost of lawn mower

If you want to mow the lawn yourself, you need a lawn mower. Buying a lawn mower brand-new can be quite expensive, they can range from around $180 to $500 in New Zealand shops. If you opt for buying a second hand mower, they range from $90 to $150. However, buying second hand can be risky as you don’t actually know what condition they are in or how well they work until you have already spent the money on it.

If you get someone to mow your lawns for you, you don’t have to go through the hassle of buying and maintaining a lawn mower or having a second hand one breaks down on you half way through cutting your lawn. Another cost is the petrol that lawn mowers need to run. Of course, the cost depends on the petrol prices at the time and how big your mower is; however, you need to be aware that this is an added cost every time you mow the lawn.

Physical work

One of the main reason people choose to get someone to mow their lawns is because of the physical toll it takes on your body. Mowing is hard work and can cause soreness on your body if you have a previous injury or if your body is fragile. Getting a professional to mow your lawn takes away the stress on your body and mind.


Some people don’t have the time in their schedule to mow their lawn, while other people would rather choose to use their time on other things. Depending on the size of your property, it can take someone up to 30 minutes to an hour to mow the lawn. However, for the average person, with an average home lawn, it takes 30 minutes. This means if you mow your lawn once a week for 7 months it adds up to 11 hours in a year. However, if you mow more than once a week or more than 7 months, it adds up to a lot more.


Maintenance on a lawn mower shouldn’t be hard and time-consuming right? While it is recommended that you clean your lawn mower twice every lawn mowing season and every time you mow very long grass or wet grass. This takes more of your time and energy that you could have spent on something else. On top of this, eventually everything breaks, including your lawn mower.

Therefore, you will eventually need to buy a new part and install it, which will take up more of your time and money. That’s why calling in a professional lawn mowing service helps you save time and money, by letting them take care of the maintenance, time, physical work, cost of petrol, mower and mower parts.

If you need someone to mow your lawn or have any questions about our gardening service, don’t hesitate to call us to email us to get information and a quote.

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