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Top 10 easiest perennial plants to take care of

Top 10 easiest perennial plants to take care of

As a new gardener, you may not know where to begin with regards to taking care of plants or buying plants. However, don’t fear, as there are some plants that are sturdier and last longer with less care and maintenance involved. So, for beginner gardeners, who don’t have time on their hands to care for difficult flowers and plants; here is our top 10 list of flowers that are easy to take care of and are easy to keep alive.

#1 Sempervivens (Hen & Chicks)

Some plants, once grown are easy to take care of, as they can tough it though most seasonal changes, from droughts to storms to hot weather.  That’s why our first plant is the Sempervivens.

These plants are succulents and are part of the Crassulaceae family. They are also known as live forever plants because they are known to live a long time, spread and grow quickly.  If you are a beginner gardener, you can’t go wrong with these plants, as they can survive, even if you forget to water them and they look super cute in your garden or pot.  

#2 Daffodils

These flowers are hardy and easy to maintain as they grow in most areas in New Zealand and in most soil types. They also contain oxalic acid which protects them from most rodent pests. If you are planting Daffodils from their bulbs you want to plant them in Autumn, 2 to 4 weeks before the ground becomes cold, so that they can sprout in winter or early spring.

#3 Daylily

These glowing flowers are also referred to as Hemerocallis, and come in orange, white, yellow, purple, red and pink. They grow in well drained, rich soil and open for a single day and then wither at night. However, a new daylily flower will take it’s place by the next day.

#4 Bugleweed

Bugleweed also known as Ajuga, are pretty purple flowers. These flowers need to grow in light moist soil which means you need to plant them in a well-drained area so rain doesn’t flood the soil. Other then that, these plants are long lasting and easy to maintain.

#5 Balloon Flowers

These flowers are great survivors because they don’t need as much water as other flowers and they love sun and dryer soil. Thus, if you always forget to water your plants, these flowers will last longer than your average flower. They also come in three colours, blue, white and pink, so your garden ends up bright and colourful.  

#6 Aster

Lasting through summer and fall, these flowers will keep your garden looking colourful and full. They are part of the Asteraceae family and there are around 180 species.

#7 Salvias

Salvias come in a range of different colours including blue, purple, pink, red and white. Salvias from Mexico, the Mediterranean or Central America are drought resistant and can survive with little water. These gorgeous flowers can grow up to 1.5 meters and some flower all year round. To find out more go to Auckland Council Best Salvias Page.

#8 Yarrow

Ranging from pink, yellow, orange, light orange, white, purple and red, these flowers fill up your garden fast, as they spread and bloom well. Summer to autumn is the period were these flowers bloom and they grow in an array of different soil types. This plant is disease resistant and helps other plants around them to resist disease as well.

#9 Shasta Daisies

With its classic white petals and yellow centre, these flowers are easy to care for and spread easily with little care. All this plant needs is a lot of sunlight, a little watering and well drained, fertile soil. Perfect for garden beds and the border line of your yard.

#10 Delphinium

Like the other flowers, this plant loves to be soaked in sun and likes to sit in well-drained, fertile soil making it easy to maintain with little watering required. However, they need to be placed in a spot to where they are wind protected as they can break in high winds.

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