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Buying Plants

If you have ever grown plants directly from seeds, you will know growing plants from seeds can take a long time and can be discouraging if some of them don’t sprout. Although, growing your own plants from seeds is exciting, sometimes you just don’t have the time to wait for the plant to grow, especially if you need an instant beautiful garden.

When I first tried to grow my own avocado tree from a seed. I researched how to go about it and set up my three avocado seeds in water and waited for them to sprout, thinking they would all sprout and I would have three successful trees. I waited a few weeks, checked my seeds and saw a few cracks in all the seeds but no root or sprout.

After a few more weeks, I checked and two out of the three of them had grown roots but no sign of a sprout. Then, a week later, success! One of the seeds have sprouted. Evenly, the stem got tall enough to have little leaves growing out of it.

I was very happy when I saw my little avocado tree coming to life from one seed. However, I was disappointed that only one of the seeds sprouted. It has now been many months and the two other seeds still haven’t sprouted.  

I say all of this because if I have needed to plant an avocado tree right away, growing it from a seed would not have worked. Instead, buying an already sprouted avocado tree from my local gardening market or gardening store would have been the faster and better option. However, the downside would have been that it would have been more expensive to buy one instead of growing one from a seed.

If you are a nature lover, amateur gardener but full-time worker, you may not know much about seeds and plants, and sometimes you just want to plant a beautiful garden but you don’t have the time to wait for all your seeds to grow.

Well, there is a solution for this, you don’t always have to grow your own plants from seeds, instead, you can plant already sprouted plants in your garden that you can buy from a gardening store or your local garden market.

This is a more expensive option, however, if you need to plant all the plants and flowers in one go before a specific date, this is the best solution as the plants are already sprouted and all you need to do is replant them into your garden section.

What kind of flowers or plants do I buy?

Your needs and wants for your garden determine which plants you will want to buy.  

Most people want a garden that last more than a season; therefore, you will want to buy perennial plants. These plants grow back year after year, regardless of the seasonal changes. This is due to the fact that some of their roots survives during the winter and grow back when spring arrives.

If you don’t mind having a plant that only last one year, you can buy annual plants. These plants die after one season and need to replanted as spring approaches.

Biennial plants are another option, although, they only flower every other year.

Look out for our next blog listing which perennial plants that are hardy and easy to take care off.

Where can I buy plants from?

There are many stores in New Zealand you can buy plants from.

If you are looking for a wide range of plants for cheap, I suggest looking at Bunnings Warehouse. They have an endless range of plants starting from $5.  

Kings Plant Barn has some flowers and perennials ranging from $3.50 to $25. They also have sales every now and again, like 3 plants for $25.

Another store is called Palmers. They supply everything from flowers to seeds to gardening furniture. They are everything gardening.

The Warehouse has a small gardening centre as well, if that’s the closest store to you.

Can you plant my flowers and plants?

If you buy the plants and flowers and we have just cleared your gardening section, then yes, we can add that service.

Of course, after we clear your section, we encourage you to do the planting yourself as gardening is a good way to stay healthy just like our blog “How gardening reduces stress” explains.

If you would like any of our gardening services, go to our contact page and let us know what gardening services you require!