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Moth Plant Removal (Araujia Hortorum)

We remove your moth plant for you! Leave it to our professional gardeners to remove your noxious weed.

What is a moth plant?

Moth Plants, also known as Araujia Hortorum, are noxious vine weeds that grow around eight meters high and spread endlessly throughout Auckland gardens.

The weed produces large seed pods that store 250-1000 seeds. When the pod dries up and splits, the wind spreads all the seeds around the garden creating new moth plants and continuing the spread.

The plant is known for its sticky white sap and pods.

Why do they have pods?

The plant pods hold the seeds and when released, produces new moth plants. The seeds can spread over 30 km away and be spread on animals and clothing.

Why remove moth plants?

Moth plants are noxious weeds that spread vigorously and easily. They are known to replace native vegetation, shrubs and trees by weighing them down, breaking them and growing over them.

These plants are also known for effecting people with asthma which is concerning as 13% of New Zealand children have asthma and 12% of adults.

On top of this, if you get the white sap of the plant on your skin it can cause irritation. This is what causes the plant to be labelled under poisonous weed.

These plants can also cause harmful affects on animals and humans if the plant is ingested in anyway.

Auckland is trying to eradicate these plants so that gardens are kept pest free.

How do I remove it?

We remove your moth plants for you!

We will save you the time and hard work by coming and removing the moth plants for you.

We can remove one or many of your moth plants, leaving your garden weed free.

Our professional gardeners will remove your moth plant and its roots, ensuring that the weed is fully removed.

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Photo credit: www.nrc.govt.nz/environment

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