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How To Plant Seeds

If you are just beginning to grow your own garden and have never grown a plant from a seed before, than this blog is for you! There are some plants that grow quite easily from seeds and others that take a bit more experience to grow. In this blog we will talk about which seeds to plant as a beginner, how to plant the seeds and how to take care of the seeds once planted. Soon you will have a beautiful garden that you have grown all by yourself.

Easy seeds for beginners

Some seeds take a long time to germinate while others are quick to sprout. If you are a beginner it is useful to try out a few different types of seeds, that are known to germinate fast and easy to take care of. However, we suggest trying out 4-6 different types of seeds at first and increase your seed selection from there.

Some of the top seeds for beginners are:









Californian Poppy (Eschscholzia)

Always read the information on the back of the seed packet before you start planting your seeds. Some seeds need to sprout in specific seasons or need to stay indoor or outdoor and the seed package will give you this information.

How to plant your seeds

Collect up all the equipment you need to plant your seeds. If you are unsure of what gear you will need, read our previous blog for the gear list.

The first step is to dampen your bag of soil with water. Do not flood the soil just get the soil moist.

After this, you will want to fill each section of your propagation tray half way up with the damp soil.

Some seeds need more soil then others, so read the seed package before you begin.

The next step is to place a seed or two on the soil in each section.

After each section has a seed in it, you are going to go back to each section and cover the seed the rest of the way up with soil.

Finally, use a mist spray bottle, and lightly spray the soil with water, then cover the trays with plastic wrap, to speed up growth. As soon as you see a little sprout, remove the plastic.

Place the seed tray in an area with warmth and light, like a window, where they can get at least 15 hours of light a day.

Continual care

Once you have planted your seeds, you are going to go back everyday and check on your seeds. Water the seeds everyday with the mist bottle or light watering, to keep the soil moist. Do not over water the seeds. If you want your seeds to grow stronger, sprinkle liquid fertilizer on the soil of each seed.

Slowly introduce the sprouted seeds to the outside garden environment by placing them outside for a few hours a day in a sheltered place. Bring them inside at night.

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