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Green House Removal

While clearing and cleaning up gardens all around Auckland, we sometimes come across clients that have old run-down green houses that need to be removed.

Most clients haven’t gotten around to removing them or they don’t know where to start when it comes to removal.

That’s where we can come in and help! We can remove your green house for you. From dismantling it to removing the waste, we can do it all!

Why remove your green house?

Depending on the quality of greenhouse you have purchased, rust and overall weather damage can cause the structure to break down. Resulting in the structure becoming unstable and a danger to your family.

Another reason to get your greenhouse removed, is to get the garden space back that the greenhouse is taking up.

What size greenhouses do you remove?

We can remove any residential size greenhouse – big or small.

Does your team have experience removing greenhouses?

Yes! Our team have removed many greenhouses from large open gardens and small, more difficult yards.

Can you do other garden work at the same time as the removal?

Yes! We can trim your trees or hedges, remove leaves, remove stumps and more, all before or after the green house is removed.

We will try to complete all the jobs in one day, however if the section is big or there are many different jobs, we will aim to complete it within the week.

What region do you service?

We service the Auckland region

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