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3 Ways To Recycle And Reuse Bamboo (DIY Projects)

Use them in the garden

Bamboo sticks are perfect for the garden as they are sturdy and can either be smooth or have little branches sticking out of them making them great for multiple garden uses.

Many gardeners use bamboo sticks to hold up their garden bed nets to keep the bugs off the plants. While others use bamboo sticks to build structures like plant trellis or climbing cages for plants like cucumbers or tomatoes to grow up the stick instead of out.

Room Divider

Most room dividers that are brought from the store are made of bamboo, so why not just make your own with the bamboo you have. There are many ways to make a divider but we found the easiest DIY instruction video here.

Bamboo Fence

If you have a lot of bamboo sticks, use them all up by making a classic bamboo outdoor fence. Bamboo fences are sturdy and increase your privacy.

What if I have too much bamboo?

If you have left over bamboo or too much of it, we can come remove it for you!

We can come and cut down the bamboo, then lift and load it into our truck and take it away for you!

Email us today for a free estimate quote for either bamboo removal or just a bamboo trim.

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