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Top 9 questions about growing strawberries

When starting a fruit garden, one of the easiest and most popular fruit plants to have are strawberry plants. This is because of their sweet taste and easy-care instructions.  So, today we put together the top 9 questions every strawberry plant gardener should know the answer too.

How tall do strawberry plants grow?

Strawberry plants can grow up to 25 to 30 cm depending on what variety they are. This is about the height of a page ruler. There are some hybrids that can grow up to 35 to 40 cm depending on how much nutrients are available to the plant.

What is the ideal temperature to grow garden strawberries?

The typical garden strawberry thrives in 15 to 27 Celsius, and can sometimes survive in temperatures down to -5 Celsius.

How much light does a strawberry need to grow?

Plant your strawberries in a spot that allows your strawberries 6-10 hours of direct sunlight a day.

What kind of soil does my strawberry need to grow in?

Strawberry plants aren’t picky when it comes to soil type, however, applying compost or manure on the soil 6 weeks after planting will benefit your strawberries. If your soil is clay or alkaline, planting your strawberries in potting soil with compost is your best alternative. Although, strawberries thrive the best in loam soil.

How much water does my strawberry plant need?

Each plant needs about to 16 ml to 32 ml per week, and needs regular watering each day. However, do not over soak the soil or over water as the plant roots can rot or mould if it sits in water to long, instead use the dip watering method to keep the plant watered but not overly moist.

When should I prune my strawberry plant?

Give your plant a light prune occasionally throughout the summer and at the end of growing season. Cut the long stems that do not have leaves and a small flower on them as these runner stems use energy from the plant that is needed for the other fruit stems. 

What pests and diseases do strawberries need protecting from?

These plants can get a variety of different diseases from leaf spotting, root rot, fruit rot diseases, for example gray mould and sun scorch. 

They also have a few pests that you need to watch out for such as mites, Japanese beetles, leafrollers, slugs, and strawberry weevils. Birds are also known to destroy crops. Although, putting a net over the strawberry plants should prevent them from reaching the plant.

To prevent slugs put sand around your plants and to prevent beetles, spray the plants with finely grated or blended garlic and neem seed oil.

How far do I plant each strawberry plant apart?

50 cm between the plants give them enough space to grow and breathe.

When does my plant need to be replaced?

Replant a new strawberry plant every 3 to 4 years, as this is when the old strawberry plant will have stopped bearing fruit.

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