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Three ways to reuse an old tyre in the garden

Everyone has an old tyre sitting around waiting to be removed, however with a little creatively you can turn that tyre into something new.

Here are three ways to recycle and reuse your old tyre around your garden.

Tyre Swing

Make a tyre swing for the kids. Not only will your old tyre be reused and not end up in landfill but it will also encourage the kids to play outside during the school holidays.

This project won’t take long and all you need is rope, an old tyre and a drill to make the tyre swing.

Tip: Make sure you wash down the tyre before hanging it.

Tyre for plants

Plant pots are expensive and can crack under pressure. However, there is another option that is free and can save you money and save the environment at the same time. What is it you ask? A tyre! Yup, many plants around the world sit in tyres instead of pots. This is because they are sturdy and it is a great way to recycle a tyre easily.

For this project all you need is your old tyre, soil and flowers of your choice.

Place the tyre anywhere in your garden, place the soil in the tyre and plant the flowers. The tyre will create a nice boarder around your flowers and elevate the plant.

Tyre Garden Bed Edging

If you have more than one tyre that needs to be reused, then using the tyres to line the edge of your garden bed is a great way to save money and reuse those tyres. Tyres are a great alternative to wooden edging. Instead of paying $40 to $50 for 5 meters of wooden edging, you can make edging for free.

All you need is a few tyres (the number of tyres depends on how many meters of garden edging you need) and a sharp cutting knife.

To see how to cut your tyres for a flower garden bed go here.

In conclusion, there are many creative ways to reuse and recycle tyres. If you have a spare tyre instead of throwing it away try one of the projects above. Recycling your used items and keeping it out of landfill creates a better plant for all.

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