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What is a Lawn Slasher Mower?

Lawn Slasher Mower

If you own a piece of land or have just brought a large property that has an overgrown yard, you may need a garden lawn slasher machine to cut the grass. Of course, these machines aren’t used for everyday lawn mowing or grass that is just a little bit long. This machine is for very tall, thick grass and weeds.

Lawn Slasher Machine

What is a Lawn Slasher Machine?

This square large metal machine has to be connected to the back of a tractor and towed through the long grass, weeds and rough land. They are used on big properties and overgrown farm lands that need a quick solution to mowing their tall grass and weeds and have land that may be uneven. The slasher has a large blade under it that rotates to cut the lawn as it is pulled along by the tractor.

The blade height can be adjusted for different grass and weed heights but has a limit on how low it can go. Therefore, if you have shorter grass, a ride on lawn mower or general lawnmower will work perfectly for you.

However, if you have long grass and you are trying to choose between a ride on lawn mower or a lawn slasher machine, the lawn slasher machine covers more ground when cutting taller, thicker grass then a ride on mower.

When do I need to use one?

If your land has tall, thick grass that may have weeds and rocks in it, you would want to hire or contact us for our lawn slasher services.  

Long Grass

Can I use a ride-on lawn mower instead?

Using a ride on lawn mower could work, but it would be safer if you used a lawn slasher mower on uneven surfaces and with taller grass. It will also save you a lot of time.

If you think you have super tall grass that needs to be cut and cleared, give us a call or contact us on our website contact form here.

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