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Fruit Tree Removal

Fruit trees are lovely additions to your garden, however, once a fruit tree become overgrown or diseased, problems can occur. Removing diseased fruit tree and planting a new, tree is the fastest and the best long-term solution to having a healthy garden.

Preventing Diseased Fruit Trees From Spreading

There are many diseases that can infect your fruit trees, from brown rot to cankers. Disease in fruit trees are spread by the wind, rain and insects. The wind and rain spread the disease by moving the infected plant spores from the diseased tree to the healthy trees.

Insects such as leafhoppers, grasshoppers, mites and other insects also spread the disease by carrying the disease from tree to tree. Calling us to remove your diseased fruit tree will help prevent the spread of disease and pests to your other fruit trees as we take away and dispose of all the old, diseased tree waste.

There are other short-term solutions to preventing disease like spraying the tree, however, these are only known as short term solutions. Therefore, if you don’t have the time or patiences to spray the trees, your best bet is to remove the tree.

Removing your fruit tree can be hard work, that’s why our professional tree surgeons can come and remove them for you.

From Feijoa trees, lemon trees to Bay Trees, whatever the fruit tree, we can remove it for you, efficiently, quickly and can even remove the tree stumps if needed.

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