Section Clearing Auckland Wide

Section clearing can sometimes feel like a daunting task to under take cutting back bush and trees and shrubs. At Auckland garden services we love transforming sections and garden so they can show their full potential,Weather its by time consuming labor of love with our handy tools or bringing in our small Digger to flatten out and level the section and start a new. Spring is always a good time to start in the garden when the soils not to soft from the winter rain or to hard from the summer heat. If your garden or section is over grown and needs some loving care you can call Auckland garden services on 0800 386 763 and we will be happy to help you where we can and discus the types of services we offer and give you a free onsite quote .

Section clearing
Weeding spraying
Soil importation/Removal
Rubbish removal
Garden tidy up

Bamboo removal

If your section is situated were access is not the best due to power lines fences or walls steep banks we can figure out the best solution to get the job done right.

Call 0800 386 763